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Current and Past Projects

With over forty years of HR collaborations across various industries and company structures, Dale has worked towards her mission every step of the way. Through each project she took on, every award she was granted, and every crisis she navigated, she continued to learn more effective and efficient ways to support the HR needs of businesses and their people. Keep reading to learn more about her current and past projects.

Uncommon HR Mission

Redefining the Meaning of HR

Prior to founding UnCommon Human Resources, Dale was the Global Chief Human Resource Officer for NYSE Euronext.  Dale served as the business liaison to the Human Resources and Compensation Committees of the Board and managed functions as varied as Compensation, Benefits, HRIS, Executive and Management Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics and Business Conduct and Corporate Administration. Dale has an inherent belief that we all must give back to the best of our abilities. 

The way in which Dale gives back through her profession is by working diligently to bridge the gaps she's noticed in HR and supporting companies she believes in. Instead of just focusing on what is best for the business or what is best for the people, she uses her extensive experience to make strategic and informed decisions about the best way to serve all of the people in the best interest of the business. She truly believes businesses' people should always be at the center of every business decision.


Currently, Dale functions as a trusted confidant and advisor to Boards, management, and employees alike and is known for her hands-on, cost-effective, creative, and client-focused solutions addressing human capital challenges for small to medium businesses and not-for-profits. Read more of her professional opinion on her linkedin. 

Dale Bernstein of Uncommon HR
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2009-Present: Uncommon HR is Founded

HR Advisory Support

For both for-profits and not-for-profits, with board members and senior leadership, Dale did extensive HR advisory work. 

"Uncommon HR is a great resource for our US and International non-profit, NGO HR needs.  I had the best experience working with Dale.  She is a true HR expert and a joy to work with."

- Carolyn Gibson (CAO of

Evaluating Organizational Leadership and Defining Culture

For not-for-profits, with Board Chairs, Dale evaluated organizational leadership effectiveness. For many small to medium US and International companies, with Chief Operations and  Administrative Officers, Dale defined organizational culture and built systems and processes to drive it

Management of Spin-Off and Standup

For a major women's refugee organization, with the executive director, Dale served as the project manager for the spin-off and stand-up

HR Effectiveness Study

For a securities regulatory agency, with a senior management team, Dale conducted an HR effectiveness study and redesign plan.

Start-Up Infrastructure Development

For multiple start-up companies, with the CEO's, Dale built the HR infrastructure from scratch.

“Dale is a gem. She helped us professionalize our HR discipline during a period of rapid growth. Our business is complex, with employees in multiple states and abroad. Dale was unflinching, helping us to craft policies that reflected our values while accommodating the mandates of so many locales. We are so grateful for her help.”

- Avery Prommer (COO of Said Differently)

Projects Timeline
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