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Services Provided

Uncommon HR's focus is on supporting companies in keeping the people front of mind while making well-informed business decsisions. UHR serves board members, senior leadership team members, and HR professionals across various industries including small to medium start-ups and not-for-profits in the US and internationally.  From the start of a company, through transitions, and in day-to-day support, UHR uses extensive experience and business acumen to provide the cost-effective infrastructure, policies, and programs which work best for you, your business, and your people.

Colleagues Working Together on HR strategy for Uncommon HR

HR People Strategy

You want your HR function to be both more strategic and more people focused.

Building culture with Uncommon HR

Culture Building

You want to understand how to build your HR policies and programs to reinforce a focus on your people rather than mere compliance.

Comforting Hands for Crisis Manaegment with Uncommon HR

Crisis Management

You need someone who can quickly and calmly understand your needs and takes the ball and runs with it.

Outsourcing with Uncommon HR

Outsourcing HR Functions

You want to tap into deep experience but can’t afford a full time resource on your team.

Woman on her Tablet getting a consultation from Uncommon HR


You value a consultant that has decades of experience, but is learning and sharing new ideas every day.

Auditing Reports from Uncommon HR

Auditing Existing Practices

You want a team player who also won’t hesitate to speak truth to leadership

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